“November 4, 2014 – It’s about YOU – Not Politics”


This county should be outraged. Victims being victimized by the ones who are paid to protect them. After reading this article I’m sure we all can agree … SEAN SCHUTT for SHERIFF !!!!!

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Dear Campaign Supporters:

It gives me great pleasure and honor to announce to all my supporters that on May 30, 2014 the Iredell County Board of Elections notified our campaign staff and stated I have been officially certified as an Unaffiliated Candidate to run for Sheriff of Iredell County in the November 4th general election. The qualifying task of obtaining the required 4,378 petition signatures now provides Iredell County voters with a unique opportunity to change the Sheriff’s office from a political organization into a service department, serving ALL of the residents of Iredell County.

I personally want to thank every single person for their time, efforts and support to my campaign and its success this year. I also would like to thank all the volunteers for your relentless work in presenting not only my petition to the Iredell County residents, but also my vision, which will bring much needed change in Iredell County. Furthermore, I want to thank all of the citizens that took the time to listen to me and my campaign team and asked many questions, voiced their concerns, and expressed the need for change. I’m thankful for all the comments, questions and concerns because this allows me to focus in on what changes need to be made and incorporated within the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office.

Please remember that one of my major goals is to take the politics out of the sheriff’s office. By accomplishing this goal WE can turn a political organization into the true service department it was organized to be, one that serves All of the community. I look forward to the many upcoming opportunities to meet and listen to the concerns of the citizens of this county. This is a very exciting time not only for me, my family and friends but for the citizens of Iredell County. We have an opportunity to make history by taking the politics out. Let’s lead the way and show the world that it’s not about politics, but it’s about a community and its future, it’s about the families that live here, the businesses that operate here and the safety and security of all its citizens.

Thank you again for your overwhelming support, without all of you this could not be possible.

God Bless America.

Sean M. Schutt

Unaffiliated Candidate for Sheriff




Sean Schutt believes an effective Iredell County Sheriff has to know the people to know what changes must be made ….  he has spent his career in law enforcement doing just that.  In his time spent as a Law enforcement officer, Sean has embedded himself with the citizens of Iredell County in his role as Detective Sergeant over the Domestic Violence Unit, as well as community leader and volunteer. 

Sean and his wife Eva live in Mooresville with their four children, Sean 16, Jaden 12, Jason 8 and Landon 4.  The family is active in the community as well as the churches they serve and the families they help.  Sean’s faith based mission to reduce crime by changing lives is evident in his many community activities. He is the Executive Director of Food for the Soul, a nonprofit organization.  Food for the Soul provides and delivers meals to Iredell County citizens in need and at the same time educates the community on all the resources available here in the county.  Sean also works tirelessly with the Mooresville Soup Kitchen and the local Shelter organizing events and promoting the needs of such county programs.  As head of the county’s domestic violence unit, Sean worked closely with the local police agencies, the Domestic Violence Shelter, Statesville and Mooresville Teen Pregnancy Center and SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) providing ministry through numerous clothing and food drives.  Through his own children, he worked with the Cove Church to develop the Wave Athletic Program and has coached for the Lakeshore Youth Athletic Association, Pine Lake Prep and the YMCA. 

Sean Schutt has not only worked for Iredell County but he has worked in Iredell County getting to know citizens’ issues and concerns and from that developing solutions.

Sean Schutt will focus in on education and rehabilitation to reduce crime by CHANGING lives.

Vote for Sean Schutt in November and help direct Iredell County in a new and improved direction.


  • Thank you for your efforts and positive impact on our community. You are just what the Iredell Co. sheriff's office needs to represent our county with accountability, consistency, honesty, righteousness and dignity for all. You've demonstrated your integrity and dedicated work ethic as an officer of the law, as a man of faith, a community advocate, and even as a coach, inspiring so many youth, including our son. Thank you again, Godspeed!   –Kristin Klatt

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